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Euclid Garment conductive clothing offers the most complete and effective protection available for workers in live-line maintenance. Renowned industry-wide for safety, comfort and durability, Euclid’s KV-GARD® conductive clothing is a soft Faraday cage that puts the linemen at the same potential as the conductor. With clothing bonded to the conductor, the lineman can work comfortably inside the electrical field with gloved hands at close range.

All KV-GARD® garments are completely washable by hand or in an automatic washer with a mild detergent. Dry in an automatic dryer on low heat or hang on wooden hanger to dry.

Before leaving the factory, multiple tests are performed on each garment to check for wrist cuff- to-wrist cuff conductivity and sleeve-to-ankle conductivity. All data is recorded along with each suit’s serial number, so Euclid can monitor the garment’s continued quality and performance after years of washing and wearing.

Both jacket and pants are designed for maximum comfort and protection, and leave our factory guaranteed under 100 Ohms conductivity. The attached hood assures complete conductivity, accommodates hard-hats, and allows for mobility and comfort. Pockets with snap closures provide sage storage and for six-foot bonding tapes on each hip of the jacket. With full cut body and raglan sleeves for ease of movement, the jacket is bonded to the pants by the inside loop and tie tape. The pants have a snap fly front and are held up by adjustable suspenders. Ankles and wrists have Velcro® closures for a snug fit.

Euclid’s conductive gloves are made of a fine blend of yarns similar to those used in the suits. Knit to give the dexterous fit needed for manual work, the gloves are strong and durable. Other features include: stretch knit-ambidextrous; designed with an extra long cuff to fit up over the jacket cuff, providing the bond needed for reliable conductivity. One size fits all.

KV-GARD® socks are jersey knit with an elastic rib calf that fits over the pant leg. The special blend of Nomex®, stainless steel, cotton terry and rubber provide the comfort necessary to wear for long hours. One size fits all.

Tie Strap & Carry Bag

• Double needle sewing on all major seams
• Sewn with thread of Nomex®
• 6.5 oz. per square yard herringbone twill weave
• Each KV-GARD® suit comes in a durable, protective carrying case

X-Ray of Suit Material

Euclid has been making one piece hooded flight suits for some time now. Helicopter crews often prefer it to the conventional two piece suit. Whatever you choose, you will received the same performance and top quality we are known for.


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KV-GARD is available exclusively from Euclid Garment Manufacturing Company. For more information, call or email us for a full brochure.


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