KW-GARD™ - RF Compliance Apparel

With the advent of the FCC Guidelines and OSHA regulations regarding Radio-Frequency, or RF, Radiation exposure, the issue of compliance has brought about an increasing need for RF Protection on broadcast and telecommunications towers and rooftops all across the country.

The KW-GARD fabric works on the principle of energy reflection. By integrating stainless-steel microfibers in a Nomex-based yarn, RF energy is reflected away from the fabric, reducing the field on the other side. With a 25% stainless-steel concentration, KW-GARD offers greater shielding effectiveness than any other RF protective garment available today.

And, unlike other RF garments,KW-GARD's effectiveness is identical regardless of its orientation to the incident field. This is attributed to KW-GARD's high surface conductivity.

The KW-GARD RF Radiation Suit is comfortable and easy to wear from the head to the toes.

One-Size-Fits-All, knitted socks and gloves (did we say knitted?Yes, we did!) keep your fingers in business and your feet happily uncrowded.

The integrated hood is removable, fits conveniently over a standard hardhat, and provides maximum peripheral visibility for safe operation and comfort. There's also a neat Velcro® mechanism inside the hood for keeping it well in place as you turn your head.

In fact, that little feature was the result of your suggestions from the field.

The KW-GARD suit was designed with user-friendliness in mind.

For example, until you put the suit on, it might seem odd that the pockets were placed where they are. But as you can see, once your climbing harness is applied, it becomes pretty clear that a pocket is pretty useless unless you can get to it!

And again, this feature was the result of your feedback to us.
At Euclid, we listen

Our coveralls are built to fit over your normal work attire, and you don't even have to take off your boots to get all dressed up for the job. Convenient Zipper and Velcro closures at the ankles and cuffs allow for easy gearing-up and tearing down.

When you're ready to climb, you can count on being comfortable as well as prepared.
Only KW-GARD offers an optional RF Suit Repair Kit
for both temporary and permanent repairs.
To temporarily repair the suit, Euclid provides strips of special conductive tape for fast, easy fixes.

For a permanent repair, simply take the materials and instruction sheet provided with the repair kit to a general tailor to have the suit properly repaired.

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